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PhySense seminar (Friday, July 11th): Marta Guardiola will talk about Multi-Antenna Multi-Frequency Microwave Imaging Systems for Medical Applications

In the last three decades, active microwave imaging systems are being considered for the internal inspection of light-opaque materials thanks to its capacity to penetrate and differentiate their constituents based on the contrast in dielectric properties with a sub-centimeter resolution. Microwave radiation is safe and the mature microwave technology offers the possibility to implement relatively low-cost and portable systems. Driven by the promising precedents of microwaves in other fields, an active electromagnetic research branch was focused to medical microwave imaging. The potential in breast cancer detection, or even in the more challenging brain stroke detection application, were recently identified.  

In this presentation microwave tomography is proposed for medical diagnosis using Magnitude Combined algorithm. Special attention is devoted to the experimental validation, which constitutes the main challenge of the current microwave imaging systems. A proof-of-concept acquisition system was build and an inhomogeneous breast phantom with a tumor embedded was successfully reconstructed in less than 30 seconds per frequency.