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A Biomedical Enginering student from UPF wins first prize of Exporecerca Jove awards

Gloria Macià Muñoz, a second year student of Biomedical Engineering degree, given jointly by the polytechnic School (ESUP) and the faculty of Experimental Sciences and Health (UPF), won one of the prizes in the fifteenth edition of  ‘Exporecerca Jove’.

"Shape, motion and deformation analysis of 2D echocardiographic sequences. Examples of application to the characterization of myocardial (dys)function" is the title of the winning prize in the category D (for college students and High school students).
This award will allow Gloria Macià to present her work to the European fair "Expo Science Europe MILSET" (one of the most important in this area), held  in Zilina (Slovakia) in early September 2014.
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