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AGAUR has awarded a grant LLAVOR for the proyect MiWEendo

Topic: Real-time microwave imaging device for endoscopic explorations and interventions

Main researcher: Òscar Camara   Junior researcher: Marta Guardiola

The LLAVOR program aims to fund innovative projects that are at the initial stage in the level of technological maturity, in order to enhance knowledge with potential to join the productive sector. In addition, the program includes a training program, hosted by UC Berkeley, aimed to the development of innovative projects that strengthen the process of teamwork.

The project aims to develop a system of microwave imaging for endoscopic applications. The device consists of a probe made of several microwave sensors (antennas) that will image the electrical properties of the tissue near the device. The main advantage of microwaves is its capacity to penetrate opaque materials, exploiting a new mechanism of contrast able to provide complementary information to current imaging technologies.